cruskin sabrina pedroso

Vocals / Guitar / Piano
Endorsed by Elixir Strings and Manson Guitar.

cruskin alexandre bonnet

Mike Letscher

cruskin samuel haudiquet

Endorsed by PRD Custom Drums


With a powerful and efficient Pop / Rock / Electro style, Cruskin carries everything away in France and even beyond. With tinged electro music, catchy beats and trippy atmospheres, the trio asserts its world, its identity and inspires a new vision of rock in the French scene.
The band performed in several famous french festivals such as Terres du Son, Printemps de Bourges, Yzeures’N’Rock, Festicolor … But also alongside Motörhead, Puggy, Didier Wampas and Danakil.

Cruskin comes from France and was created in early 2009 with Sabrina Pedroso on vocals, guitar and piano Alexandre Bonnet on bass and Samuel Haudiquet on drums.
“From Lie to Truth”, their first EP released in 2010, followed by “It Can Hurt” their first album were hailed by the music press. It created a huge hit with an increasingly growing audience.
Their second album “ Secrets in a Box ” includes famous tracks such as “Twisted Alchemy” and “My Soul To The Devil”.

“Time To Rise” their last album will be out on March 2nd 2018.


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Brand new music video “I Found You”

Here it is ! The brand new music video "I Found You" by Cruskin. The story is about "love is blind". This song will be included in the upcoming new album "Time To Rise". It will be out on March 02 so get ready for this. PRE-ORDERS ARE OPEN You can now pre-order the...

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(FR)/(EN) Cruskin 3rd album. It’s Time to Rise!

Cruskin 3rd album (FR) Ça n'est plus un secret pour personne. Cruskin prépare bel et bien un troisième album. Sabrina avait lancé sur Facebook un petit jeu pour les fans de Cruskin. Le but était de remplir la phrase à trou de la photo. Quelques fans ont trouvé : "Time...

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Cruskin – Grand Prix Sacem 2015

CRUSKIN - GRAND PRIX SACEM 2015 Après avoir été élu parmi les meilleurs artistes autoproduit par la Sacem il y a quelques mois, la Sacem a fait le choix d’éditer une compilation promotionnelle de 2 CD à l’occasion de ses Grands Prix annuels. Le titre " Secrets In a...

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(FR) Cruskin – Grand gagnant du tremplin RTL2 – TV Tours

  CRUSKIN SORT VAINQUEUR ! Il y a 1 mois, RTL2 et TV Tours s'associaient pour créer leur premier tremplin musical. Une cinquantaine de groupes ont postulé. Seuls 10 ont été sélectionné parmi les candidatures et soumis au vote du public pendant un mois. Cruskin est...

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